In-Class and In-Car Overview

  • The Road to Successful Defensive Driving

8 Sessions

Session #1: The Automobile

How To Drive An Automobile (Technical)
  • Pre Driving habits, maintenance
  • Major and minor controls, instruments
  • Why you need insurance
  • Parts of typical policy
  • Factors affecting premiums

Session # 2: The Highway Traffic Act

Driving Laws & Rules
  • Fundamentals traffic rules
  • Common sense vs. legal
  • Misunderstood laws
  • Managing right-of-way
  • Stop signs, yield signs, signal lights, and turns

Session # 3: Urban & Rural Driving

Urban Traffic Rules
  • Streetcars, U-turns, crosswalks, parking
  • Pedestrians and animals
  • The dangers of traveling alone
Freeway Management Trip Planning
  • Country roads, preparing for long trips

Session # 4: Risk Management

Calculating Risk
  • The causes of risky driving
  • The problems with making cars and roads safer
  • Adjusting space around the car to reduce the risk
Attitudes and Driving
  • How drivers' attitudes contribute to risky behavior

Session # 5: Collision Survival System

Perception & Reaction
  • Developing your total awareness
  • How to use the vision sense effectively
Defensive Driving
  • The five keys to defensive driving
  • Developing a system to completely avoid collisions

Session # 6: Adverse Conditions

Adverse Conditions
  • Visual impediments and night driving
  • Winter driving and dealing with weather
  • The factors affecting traction
  • Dealing with loss of traction in skids
  • Emergency braking, Anti-lock Braking System

Session # 7: Impairment & Distractions

  • Drinking and driving and the law
  • Societys role in reducing alcohol related deaths
  • The effect of alcohol on the body
  • Drugs and their effects
  • Stress and road rage
  • The dangers of multitasking Wireless phone use in the car

Session # 8: your Drivers License

How To Pass Your Road Test
  • Preparing for the test
  • The local test centers
  • What they will test, basic and advanced
  • The major reasons for failure
The Demerit Point System Accident Scene Law and Procedure

In-car Lesson Topics

- Pre driving habits
- Basic car handling skills ( acceleration, braking, steering)
- Residential turns
- Complex turns
- Lane changes and blind spots
-Defensive driving and long range planning
- Parking
- Freeway driving
- Navigation
- Night driving*
- Adverse conditions and accident avoidance*
- Mock road tests

Note: All students progress at different rates, and not all topics may be completed within the course allotted lessons. Extra lessons may be requires, and are available for a nominal fee.
*As conditions allow